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Liebert System Recycling & De-Installations

Liebert System recycling

Recycling your liebert system should be done so professionally. Green Recycling Company is built up of a highly trained and professional team servicing thousands of clients across the country, including our liebert system recycling services. Because we are nationwide, the GRC team is able to properly recycle your liebert system for you, regardless of where you are.

At Green Recycling Company, we are committed to the environment and committed to our clients. With our experience and expertise, Green Recycling will be your comprehensive solution to your liebert system recycling needs. GRC services will include a proper recycling process of your liebert system and liebert system materials.

Green Recycling makes it easy for you! Leave it to the GRC team to de-install your liebert system, remove the liebert system and liebert system materials, and of course recycle your liebert system. Our goal here at Green Recycling Company is to do all the work so that you don't have to. GRC completes the liebert system recycling process from start to finish. It's important to us that we keep your business as uninterrupted as we can while performing this task. Green Recycling understands the importance of keeping your business going through this process.

Every business withholds economical concerns when undergoing large transformations such as liebert system recycling. GRC promises no recovery fees, no removal fees and no disposal fees. Our concerns here at Green Recycling Company are with the environment, so we want to keep the process budget friendly for you. In most cases, we will even offer to purchase your old liebert system and liebert system materials from you. Just call for more details.

Please contact a GRC representative today to learn more about our liebert system recycling and de-installation services.

Our Clients

  • valeo generator recycling
    Valeo (Generator Recycling)
    Green Recycling purchased generators and removed an entire power plant from their location including 2 -2000kw Catapiller Generators Swithgear and all controls.
  • fayetteville nc recycling
    City of Fayetteville, NC.
    Green Recycling removed large quantities of IT equipment from their Town hall and police Dept.
  • HP electronic recycling
    HP (Data Center Recycling)
    Green Recycling just completed a project with HP. We de-installed two data centers in Tulsa.
  • ESR electronic recycling
    ESR (E-Waste Removal)
    GRC worked with ESR; an e-waste Company out of Houston, where GRC removed 90,000lbs of e- waste from a CBRE Site.

  • cb richard ellis electronic recycling
    CB Richard Ellis (E-Recycling)
    Green Recycling Company has completed e-recycling projects for CB Richard Ellis.

  • cisco systems electronic recycling
    Cisco Systems (E-Recycling)
    GRC has worked with Cisco Systems on de-installation projects and e-waste removal.

Green Recycling Company has worked with many businesses both small and large and from all accross our great country. Hewlett Packard, CB Richard Ellis, Electronic Data Systems, Critical Power Companies, Cisco Systems, and Integrated Liebert Systems just to name a few. Green Recycling has removed entire infrastructures of Liebert Systems, Liebert Equipment, UPS Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Diesel/Gas Gensets along with all Industrial and Commercial HVAC Systems for companies in need of electronic equipment recycling.


I have been working with Frank and the Green Recycling team for over 4 years. It is always a pleasure to work at his side. He treats you like family.

J. Correia
DreamCo Design