Bulk Computer Recycling

Bulk Computer Recycling & De-Installations

Bulk Computer recycling

Green Recycling Co specializes in bulk computer recycling.

We do not take individual / residential computers as our service and facilities are designed for commercial de-installations & computer recycling.

Modern technology is constantly growing and Green Recycling is aware of the need to preserve the environment during this constant change. Companies nationwide are improving their computer systems, and left with a bulk amount of computers that need to be recycled. Especially due to the large amount, it's important to professionally have your bulk computers recycled, to ensure it's done properly. GRC is here to help.

GRC services companies across the country with their bulk computer recycling needs. The Green Recycling team has been accommodating thousands of clients including the services of bulk computer recycling. The GRC team is compiled of highly trained professionals that can successfully complete your bulk computer recycling job.

Green Recycling makes it easy for your company to recycle your bulk computers. Our team completes the task from start to finish. GRC will properly de-install your bulk computers and bulk computer materials. Green Recycling Company will then successfully remove your bulk computers and materials and completes the task by performing an appropriate bulk computer recycle. GRC exerts to achieve accomplishing the bulk computer recycling services without interrupting your business. Green Recycling focuses on our job so you can focus on yours.

Green Recycling Company prides itself on its environmental stand point, though we also pride ourselves on our economical stand point. We commit to no recovery fees, no removal fees and no disposal fees. GRC is attentive to your economical concerns, so we attempt to remain budget achievable so your company can accomplish its bulk computer recycling needs using the proper professionals needed to complete the duty to the environment. Often times, Green Recycling Company will even purchase your old bulk computers and bulk computer materials. Just call for more details!

Contact a GRC representative today to learn more about our bulk computer recycling and de-installation services.

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  • Our Clients

    • valeo generator recycling
      Valeo (Generator Recycling)
      Green Recycling purchased generators and removed an entire power plant from their location including 2 -2000kw Catapiller Generators Swithgear and all controls.
    • fayetteville nc recycling
      City of Fayetteville, NC.
      Green Recycling removed large quantities of IT equipment from their Town hall and police Dept.
    • HP electronic recycling
      HP (Data Center Recycling)
      Green Recycling just completed a project with HP. We de-installed two data centers in Tulsa.
    • ESR electronic recycling
      ESR (E-Waste Removal)
      GRC worked with ESR; an e-waste Company out of Houston, where GRC removed 90,000lbs of e- waste from a CBRE Site.

    • cb richard ellis electronic recycling
      CB Richard Ellis (E-Recycling)
      Green Recycling Company has completed e-recycling projects for CB Richard Ellis.

    • cisco systems electronic recycling
      Cisco Systems (E-Recycling)
      GRC has worked with Cisco Systems on de-installation projects and e-waste removal.