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Simply put, GRC offers I.T. recycling and disposal services nationwide. We also assist businesses with purchasing second hand electrical equipment with items such as HVAC units, old servers, boilers, liebert systems, and so on. GRC helps you determine the size and requirements of each project in a personalized way. We never charge recycling disposal fees, recovery fees, or removal fees.

Descriptions of our services individually (nationwide) can be reviewed by clicking the links below.

> Generator Recycling
> Data Center Recycling
> Power System Recycling
> Electrical Control Panel Recycling
> UPS / Power Backup Recycling
> Electrical Distribution System Recycling
> Liebert System Recycling
> Bulk Computer Recycling
> Tape Media Recycling
> HVAC Recycling
> Industrial Chiller Recycling
> NC Fire Protection Services

At Green Recycling Services our goal is to assist our clients in the proper recycling and disposal of technology products. We focus on getting them the maximum return on their investment while giving them an environmentally responsible way to reuse, renew and recycle their technology investments.

Green isn't just our name it's in our DNA. Our business model is based on the re-use; recovery and recycling of your technologically based equipment.


Whenever possible reuse is the best, most cost effective and most environmentally sound method of handling unneeded equipment. At Green recycling our staff identifies and contacts the best markets for your equipment. We negotiate the best possible price for your old equipment and handle the sale for you.


Many times it's not just having the equipment to reuse it's the way the equipment is de-installed, the support facilities and proper handling of fluids, coolants, lubricants etc. At Green Recycling we work with only certified and bonded contractors who specialize in the recovery of the possible contaminates and recycle or dispose of them in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations.


There are time when the equipment has come to the end of its service life as a complete unit but that not the end of life for its components and base metals. Green Recycling will find and market the circuit boards, contactors and other internal parts to the service companies who work on the equipment. Then all base metals, plastics and other structural items are sold to responsible recyclers to keep as much as possible from hitting the land fill. Typically the equipment we must disassemble will result in less than 5% hitting the landfill (by weight). That's good for the return on the investment and good for the environment. With Green Recycling Services getting the maximum return on your investment isn't at odds with the environment, it's genetically engineered to do so.